Matt and turbid water Low chlorine level, high stabilizer (>100 ppm) The beginning of algae formation. Adjust pH, make shock chlorine
Matt Water Poor Filtration, high pH Don't dissolve suspended solids Control to the filter, decrease the pH
Colorful but clear water Exists metal ions Metal oxidation Adjust pH make shock chlorine and setle down with Aqualife FL
Colorful Particules Low SI because of the corrosion. Metal oxidation Increase pH by Aqualife pH +G
Stone formation on walls, pipes and filters. pH and alkalinity are high To pass over calcium corbonate solubility Adjust pH by using Aqualife pH -G continuosly
Green turbid water, slippery surfaces Low chlorine level and excess stabilizer Algae Formation Adjust pH, make shock chlorine
Eye and skin irritation Unsuitable pHr, old OTO test kit solution. pH is out of the ideal band, bounded chlorine or free chlorine is high Adjust pH,make shock chlorine, reduce to chlorine.
So strong chlorine smell that may burn eyes Chlorine is low, wrong shock chlorine stabilizer is high Bounded chlorine is high (>0,2 ppm) Make free chlorine 0,8-2 ppm, check your shock chlorine making
Blanching on hair, clothes and vinyl coatings Wrong measure for free chlorine, makes wrong test,old OTO test solution. Chlorine level is very high (>15 ppm) Decrease to chlorine level